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Sweet little Sunday…

Aren’t Sunday’s glorious? I love them. I have never told anybody, but I aim to stay in my house pretty much every Sunday. Where that is impossible, I try to switch it to Saturday’s.

I used to be pretty social, I used to think I was never home, constantly out and about. Only ever making it home Sunday afternoon to try and get my life in order in time for the working week. Now, I relish them.

I wear face masks, paint my toenails, play on the computer, read, watch Netflix. Oh and I stay in my pj’s and drink cupful upon cupful of tea/coffee/coke/wine…? ❤

Rest days, are so important. Not only physically but emotionally. Spiritually we need down-time. I am so grateful for learning this as we mature, as we get older.

This week just gone was hard, my moods were low and I was hyper-sensitive to rudeness, intolerance and ignorance. Hard things to be in-tune with at the moment, given the state of the world.

I am currently re-vamping my blog, trying to get up-to-speed and up-to-date. I know this is going to take a while and so, instead of worrying myself into a mess. I will start where I am and do the best that I can. Patience is the kindest thing we can give ourselves.

My 2017 reading challenge is going well, I have now read 18 of my targeted 52 books. My exercise has not been as great. There was my birthday, then there was Easter, then we went on a long weekend away and I have just struggled to get back into it. I knew it would come, I was being far too hard on myself Aiming for 6 days a week of gym, restricting my food, counting calories. Then I burn out.

So. Sunday. Today. Today I slept until 9am (this never happens), I ate a lovely chocolate croissant and drank a coffee the size of my head for breakfast. I’ve tried to catch up on Stranger Things and have methodically cleaned and tidied my house. Does anybody else feel more content when their washing is done?

I just trying to convey to myself that it is ok to have off-days. To relax, to not beat ourselves up when we want to do nothing.

I wish everyone a lovely week, I hope you find something that makes you smile before the week is out. I for one, am very grateful to live where I do, to have loved ones in my life and to have finally started to respect myself.


I wish you all a wonderful week, I appreciate each and every one of you who read my posts and I promise to improve this space, to develop it and to get my posts up to date.

Tell me, what do you like to do on your Sunday? ❤




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